Integrated solutions with world-wide technology

Acting since the beginnings of shipbuilding and offshore Engineering in Brazil, PLANAVE has a wide collection of designs of plant and equipment, fixed and floating, such as platforms, jackets, manifolds, pipelines, etc., mostly performed directly or indirectly to Petrobras, a company that we proudly have as client for over thirty-five years.

PLANAVE is also certified and authorized as a support maritime navigation company, operating and being able to offer services of charter vessels and operations, such as supply boats, crew boats, etc., as well as tanker activity for bunkering and stocking of crude oil.

The company also holds know-how in design and execution of structure moving operations, such as load out, load in, verticalization, weighting, etc., having performed over 200 assignments of this nature in the country, which certainly gives it a prominent position in global terms.


  • Structural design for jackets, modules, skids, manifolds and other structures;
  • Detailing design for platforms topside;
  • Design of pipelines and subsea equipment;
  • Design, calculation and engineering procedures: load-in, load-out, transport, weight control, stability, launch, verticalization and weighting of offshore structures;
  • Implementation and management of maritime operations: load-in, load-out, transport, weight control and stabilization of floating structures;
  • Conception, basic and executive projects of ships, vessels and equipment river and lake of various sizes and types;
  • Management, supervision and technical assistance for the construction of pipeline, vessels and floating equipment in general;
  • Shipowner and operator of vessels.

Performed Projects: