Creativity and quality

To provide answers to their clients’ needs of handling and transport of loads through complete, integrated and optimized solution on the technical, economical and environmental aspects PLANAVE has a team of specialized professionals who seek for each situation, unique and creative solutions, using the most modern practices and existing resources.

To do this, all projects developed by PLANAVE take into account the special characteristics and needs of each client, its institutional aspects, managing and physical control of the load according to its type and packaging, the different modal transport possibilities, the storage and housing needs and all other physical and social environmental factors involved.


  • Coastal and oceanic engineering;
  • Location and technical, economical and environmental feasibility;
  • Institutional, operational and environmental advisory;
  • Consulting for rent and privatizations of installations;
  • Conceptual, basic and executive projects for all types of ports and terminals;
  • Studies and projects of maritime and river works in general;
  • Management, advisory services and supervision of works.

Performed Projects: