PLANAVE is a genuinely Brazilian consulting engineering company, organized by business areas. Its main operation segments are energy, with main focus on oil and gas, and infrastructure engineering, with emphasis on the port sector.

Regarding particularly the port sector, the experience on ports and terminals comes from the seventies, performing technical, environmental and economic / financial feasibility studies, research location, institutional alternatives, market assessment, business plans, environmental studies and advice on licensing, maritime hydraulics, models and oceanography reports, as well as complete conceptual, basic and detailing design, including all the marine works, backyard and accesses. Also, the study of logistics, transport, handling, storage and transfer, together with engineering solutions to the most different load flows are among the scope of services rendered by the company, thus being fully capable to offer its customers comprehensive and integrated responses to the demand of their enterprises in the sector.

Currently, PLANAVE has as clients some of the largest and most prestigious public and private companies in the country, consisting in its portfolio also assignments in several countries in South America and Africa.

In the oil and gas sector PLANAVE keeps on rendering services continuously for more than thirty years, being Petrobras its main client, where the Company is fully qualified and registered to provide services in more than 30 “families”. Also, several contracts for other foreign and national oil companies were carried out.

The company’s services cover both the downstream segment, were it performs design and work supervision for refineries and related industries, pipelines, distribution and storage facilities and industry in general, as the upstream, where offshore projects such as jackets, manifolds and facilities in general for fixed and mobile platforms are executed. Also, among the offered services, there is the engineering and execution of operations and weighting, transfer and load-outs, for which the company owns its own equipment.

PLANAVE is also duly licensed to act as owner and operator for offshore support navigation, currently having two crew boats for approximately 60 pax under contract to Petrobras in northeastern Brazil.

Other business areas in which PLANAVE traditionally operates are urban development sector, accounting for contracts related to sanitation, urbanization, drainage, etc; environment, where, besides the port sector, environmental services for waterways, roads, transmission lines, among others, were executed; and, also, engineering studies of Small Hydropower Plants (up to thirty MW).

The company has on its staff about six hundred professionals, the vast majority skilled engineers or designers of multidisciplinary characteristics, covering the main technical (complemented by the environmental and economic) disciplines, plus a cast of highly specialized consultants with specific expertise. If necessary or desirable, agreements or associations with international companies and license holders are made.

PLANAVE makes extensive use of modern electronic tools, acquiring or renting licenses for multiple kind of software, ranging from specific technical programs for calculation and structural analysis, floating structures, pipelines, 2D and 3D models, up to those used in project management, operations, quality and administrative needs. The corporate system, responsible for managing all processes, was designed and deployed in house over the past twenty-five years by the company, which maintains a team in order to continuously expand and improve it.

The company keeps its head office in an own four pavement building with 3.410m2 downtown Rio de Janeiro where it performs all the technical, administrative and commercial activities, fully equipped with library, reprographic center, training, IT and other facilities. The company also has two other annex offices in downtown Rio de Janeiro, and offices in several cities where it has contracts.

At its central office and annexes in Rio de Janeiro there are about 300 workstations linked in a structured network, connecting quickly and efficiently all operational and administrative levels. All technical production is accessible online, in compliance with safety standards, through internal and external networks, including facilities for the use of clients and third parties.

PLANAVE is certified according to quality standards (ISO 9001:2008), environment (ISO 14001:2004) and safety (OHSAS 18000:2007) by ABNT – Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas.